Take Courage and Commit to Grow Beyond Your Color Comfort Zone

Our aim is to create awareness and open communication across color and culture lines that move us from color blindness to cultural sightedness for effective connection.  We apply cognitive, affective and behavioral learning  through the lens of artistic expression to create and reinforce experiences that create community.

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Identify and recognize cultural group characteristics and tendencies without stereotypes.


Analyze and integrate benefits of diverse cultural paradigms and performance through creative problem solving.


Critique cultural bias, variations and values of leadership as drivers of perception within the community and organizational contexts.


Expand and promote evidence of the value and impact of collective opportunity resultant from collaborative, strategic partnerships.


Create harmony and relationship satisfaction through cultural fluency development through application of problem solving techniques.


Reconcile dissonant factors that nurture resolution through recognition of resonate relationship potential.

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Make a Conscious, Intentional Choice to See Color

In order to change our current color blindness into cultural sightedness we must learn how to diagnose, discuss, disrupt our traditional thinking patterns about race to enable healing and empowerment for change.  Without the conscious, intentional choice to see color we limit our creativity, connectivity and community expression.  So what causes us to keep our blinders on in today's environment? Join our community and let's engage the conversation!

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See Color2 Learning Resources

Dr. Angela Courage!

Angela Courage-Mellott (also known as "Doc Courage") holds a Master of Arts in communication with focus in interracial and intercultural communication. Her Doctorate in Higher Education with emphasis in College Teaching and Faculty Leadership empower her as a change agent in the classroom and community.

Dr. Courage Is a sought-after event speaker and educator on interracial & intercultural communication, conflict & faith's role in change, and living out lives of "COURAGE!"

She Is CEO of Courage Communication 4 Change, where she serves as a change agent, empowering students, pastors, church leaders, and the community.

She serves as Adjunct Faculty at John Brown University, University of Arkansas, and Ecclesia College in Northwest Arkansas.

Her intentionally multi-ethnic, multicultural experiences and lifestyle led her to focus studying the science of interracial and intercultural communication, which together uniquely qualify her to lead healthy conversations that empower people to better communicate and connect with diverse others.

Her “Loving Our Neighbors” workshop, is a resource that helps Christian organizations become more representative of the Kingdom of God in policy and practice towards diverse people groups and diversity within local church bodies and the community.

“The quality of your communication dictates the quality of your relationships.”


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Dr. LaTonya Jackson

Dr. Jackson is a dynamic, forward-thinking people director who contributes to the ongoing growth of a company, given extensive experience in talent and workforce development, thought leadership, change management, instructional strategy, and facilitation. She is an adaptable, passionate, and goal-oriented human resources professional highly skilled in collaborative partnerships, individual and group coaching, and people development.

Dr. Jackson’s research focus was on The Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Black Women Leaders in Fortune 500 Companies. She is the author of several books which include:

LaTonya is a Certified John Maxwell Team Member. She is licensed to teach Another Seat At The Table, a diversity and inclusion program.

Dr. Jackson holds a BSBA in Marketing and Finance from the University of Nebraska Lincoln. She also holds a M.Ed. in Higher Education Leadership and a Doctor of Education in Workforce Development Education from the University of Arkansas.

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