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PRINT: 5 Blinders to Seeing Color

Are you tired of feeling stressed by conversations about color and race? Are you ready to break the color and cultural communication barrier? Want to know why it's important to SEE COLOR?

In order to change our current color blindness, into cultural sightedness we must learn how and when to see color. There’s no way around it. Without making a conscious intentional choice to see color, we are creating a barrier that limits our profit, squashes creativity, hinders friendships, prohibits teamwork, stifles our courage and places blinders over our imagination, much like sunglasses filter out light.

Our aim with this book is to see more clearly the factors that contribute to why we choose to make color and culture a visible or invisible part of our life’s canvas.

We address FIVE blinders that are inherent when someone says "I don't see color". The blinders include:

  • Anxiety and uncertainty
  • Power
  • EGOcentrism
  • Ignorance
  • Immaturity

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