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Take Courage and Commit to Grow Beyond Your Color Comfort Zone

Our aim is to create awareness and open communication across color and culture lines that move us from color blindness to cultural sightedness for effective connection.  

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Living in COLOR2: 5 Steps to Remove Blinders

Ready to immerse yourself in cultural experiences?

If you answered YES, then this seven-week course is for YOU! The Living in COLOR2: 5 Steps to Remove Color Blinders course is designed to challenge you through online content and group coaching to engage and expand your lifestyle toward inclusivity so that you can live and see in full color daily.

During the course, we will walk through each of these steps:

  • Get comfortable being uncomfortable
  • Immerse yourself in cultural experiences
  • Take responsibility for your own growth and development
  • Navigate Cultural Communication Preferences
  • Observe Your Own Culture

This course can be taken online or offered to a group or team. Email [email protected] for group/team rates and schedules.

You are encouraged to have purchased and read the See Colorr eBook or print book prior to the start of class.