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Challenge Your Beliefs and Reclaim What Matters

Have you been laid off or furloughed? Are you experiencing a myriad of emotions? Do you want help navigating the transition?

If you said YES, then you've come to the right place. 

Hi, I'm LaTonya! I am the author of The Layoff Lab: 7 Strategies to Navigate a Layoff or Career Transition. Like you, I experienced two layoffs in my career. It was devastating, frustrating, and taxing on me emotionally and financially.

In the journey, I learned about what matters and I took that knowledge and put it together in this book. The seven matters: mindset, money, movement, marriage (relationships), me, minutes, and measurement. 

Order your copy TODAY to gain strategies to build new beliefs and take recommended actions to navigate and transition through this layoff effectively.


About The Layoff Lab

Have you been laid off? Did you find yourself asking "Why wasn't I good enough?" Was I that replaceable? Why did this happen to me? Did you rely upon your company and career as your source for security?

With corporate closings becoming regular occurrences, global unrest, political pressures, and personal fears about health and financial safety, how should you navigate a career transition resulting from a layoff? More importantly, how do you move forward beyond the layoff moment and transition into a new career?

In this book, The Layoff Lab: 7 Strategies to Navigate Your Layoff and Career Transition, Dr. LaTonya Jackson shares the strategies and techniques she used after experiencing not one, but two corporate layoffs in her career. She also shares lessons learned from others who experienced layoffs resultant from a reduction in force, downsizing, cutback, or furlough experience. These strategies will provide you with the tools necessary to not just survive but navigate and live life after a layoff.



Dr. LaTonya is a dynamic forward-thinking coach, speaker and trainer who contributes to the ongoing growth of an individual given extensive experience in talent and workforce development, thought leadership, change management, instructional strategy and facilitation. Dr. Jackson has lived life after a layoff not once, but twice and shares what she learned through her journey in this dynamic book. Take the journey so you can have a career that you love and live a fulfilled life!


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